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Have Us Take A Look At Your Computer / Device Remotely

There may be times when your computer or device (printer, etc.) is not quite acting the way it normally does or something seems wrong with it. In these cases, we can take a look at your computer remotely. We can also provide a second opinion on whether or not there are things that can be optimized or cleaned up in the case of Malware or a computer virus.

If you need urgent or immediate computer assistance, we can help! We’ll remotely connect to your computer to take a look at your issue remotely. We’ll do this as soon as we can, most times within minutes of your order!

*Most issues that come up are usually resolved within 30-60 minutes (many times sooner than that). If they can’t be resolved remotely, you’ll probably need on-site support.

How it works:

  1. After you purchase this service, you’ll be redirected to a download page (you’ll also receive an email with the link to download our remote access program).
    NOTE: This downloaded program is what we use to connect to your computer.
  2. Once you download the program, go ahead and run it. There may be a pop-up that asks if you want to run the program and allow it to make changes to your computer. Click on the “Yes” button. (Or via “SmartScreen” > “More Info” > “Run anyway”)
  3. Once the program finishes running, if all goes well, we’ll be able to remotely connect and start looking into your issue.

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