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Media Moon, LLC. was established in 2009. Before that, we noticed that there were a lot of technologies that many business owners, managers, and consumers didn’t know about.

These technologies were able to help them operate more efficiently, effectively, safely, and securely.

Most times these business owners, managers, and consumers are not in the business of knowing technology, nor do they want to.

We were started from that idea: to help those people focus more on what THEY do, instead of having to worry about the technology side of things.

With that said, our mission as a managed IT service provider (MSP) is to ultimately give you peace of mind and increased productivity by managing and optimizing your technology.

We specialize in providing support that is focused on preventing downtime caused by technology.

With the use of tools, such as remote monitoring and management, the goal is to stay on top of the health of your website, computers, and systems. If an issue arises, it will be fixed before it causes downtime.

This ultimately leads to the streamlining of our clients’ operations and eventually their growth.

We look to do more than provide web and IT support – we look to provide you with as much prevention and foresight as possible to keep your technology up and running optimally.


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