Upgrade This One Thing And Your Slow Computers Will Be Blazingly Fast


These days, time is the most important thing. As the saying goes, “Time is money.” That being said, most people don’t want to waste time waiting for a computer to load or power on or anything like that.

So… In the interest of time <wink>, allow me to cut to the chase…

Odds are that you have something in your computer called a hard drive.

There are other components of the computer, but they’re all super fast. The slowest component of your computer is more than likely your hard drive.

An upgrade from a hard drive to a solid state drive can speed up your computer by about 10 times. More good news about it… The upgrade can take as little as an hour (sometimes less)!

This means that when you turn on your computer, it will start up 10 times faster…

Imagine turning on your computer and 10 seconds (or less) later, it’s ready for you!

Imagine not having to wait for 30 seconds to a minute for Excel, or Outlook to load.

When you open up your Internet browser it will take 1 / 10th the time that is does now.

Let’s start with a little story about how this works…

Let’s say there’s a track team that runs 400 meter relays. This relay team has 3 really, really fast runners – Jimmy, Johnny, and Jojo.

The relay team also has one super slow runner named Smitty.

Now, keep in mind, Smitty is so slow that he’s probably considered more of a jogger.

Now that you know the above info about the relay team, let’s take a look at how they would compete in a relay.

In the case of the relay race, individually, it’s really not going to matter how fast Jimmy, Johnny, and Jojo run. They’re already super fast. It’s really not even going to matter if they improve on their race times or speed.

If Jimmy, Johnny, or Jojo do improve in any way, the team as a whole will be a little bit faster, but the team is still going to be slow and have slow race times.


… Because no matter what, they have Smitty on their team.

Smitty, as you know, isn’t much of a runner. He single-handedly slows the team down to a point that their race times aren’t even close to any of the other teams’ times.

Thus, the only way to speed up the team considerably enough to be able to compete, is to speed up Smitty.


How does this track team relate to making a slow computer BLAZINGLY FAST?

Allow me to explain a bit deeper…

When it comes to a computer, the computer is made up of different components (in this example we’ll call them team members).

Much like the relay team above, the team members make up the team. In order for the relay team to compete, they must have 4 team members.

So, in order for the computer to operate, it too must have it’s components (aka team members):

  • A video card which allows you (the user of the computer) to see what’s going on inside the computer (this is a fast component – we’ll call him Jimmy)
  • RAM (aka random access memory) which is basically the “short-term memory” of the computer (this is also a fast component – we’ll call this one Johnny)
  • A CPU (or central processing unit) which is basically the brains of the operation (yet another fast component – we’ll call him Jojo)
  • And coming in last (as expected), a hard drive which is where the computer’s data is stored (this is a slow component – aka Smitty)

Now, as you saw above, Smitty was the slow relay runner. In the case of slow computers, the last item on the above list (the hard drive) is the Smitty of computers.

This means that the only way to speed up the computer considerably, is to speed up the hard drive.


Now that you know that you have a slow relay runner named Smitty (aka a hard drive) in your computer, how do you speed him up?

Well, you can have your local computer shop do it for you or you can set up an appointment / contact us.

Also keep in mind there are a lot of benefits to getting a Solid State Drive (aka SSD) upgrade:

  • Your computer will be WAY faster.
  • Your computer will be lighter (hard drives are way heavier than SSDs).
  • The data retention on an SSD is better than on a hard drive (less lost data).
  • Your computer will be quieter (hard drives have moving parts that create noise, SSDs don’t).

There are even more features, but the number one reason is SPEED. Your computer will be blazingly fast! Which will allow you to get more done in less time.


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