Are you regularly dealing with technology and computer headaches?

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Information Technology (IT) SUPPORT

We perform continual preventative maintenance so that issues seldom arise, but if an issue does arise, we can provide remote or on-site support for your device(s) to bring it to a quick resolution. Relieve your IT support headaches now!

WEB / SEO / Internet Marketing

Is your website giving you a headache? Whether your website simply needs a revamp or you need a brand new website built, we can assist with creating your vision. If you already have a website, but nobody seems to visit it, we can get you more traffic via Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Take the next step in fixing your website.


Are your computers, printers, and networks a pain to deal with? We can relieve that pain by providing proactive support for your entire IT infrastructure, including desktop and laptop computers, printers, peripherals, servers, and networks. We will take the technology burden off of you so you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

More About Us

We relieve technology and web headaches

Media Moon, LLC. is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE, City of Chicago) and was started in 2009. We are based in Woodridge, IL, which is in the Chicagoland area (Chicago, Illinois, USA). Since 2009 we have been growing and expanding our capabilities. Along the way, we've contributed to the growth of our clients' businesses and the streamlining of their systems.

We provide Information Technology (IT) support for desktop and laptop computers, peripheral devices, printers, along with Windows and Linux servers. We can also provide proactive support for your entire IT infrastructure, if needed.

We also provide support for website upgrades, redesigns, and general website development along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If needed, we can also build a new website from the ground up.

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  • IT Support

    Windows, Linux, Hardware, Software, Networking

  • Managed Services

    We'll manage your entire IT infrastructure

  • Web / SEO / Internet Marketing

    HTML5, CSS, Java, JSP, PHP, MySQL, LAMP / WAMP, WordPress, Drupal

  • MBE Certified

    City of Chicago

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