CBS 2 Chicago Investigators: Hackers Using ‘Ransomware’ To Hold Computers Hostage

This is another example of the ransomware problem. Take a look at:

Please protect yourself!

  1. Do not open emails from senders you don’t recognize. 
  2. Do not click on links that look suspicious.
  3. Install anti-ransomware / anti-virus / anti-malware software (some are free).

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware (a.k.a. rogueware or scareware) restricts access to your computer system and demands that a ransom is paid in order for the restriction to be removed.

Where Ransomware Comes From

Ransomware is created by scammers who are highly knowledgeable in computer programming. It can enter your PC through an email attachment or through your browser if you happen to visit a website that is infected with this type of malware. It can also access your PC via your network.

How To Recognize Ransomware

It’s obvious when your device has been infected with ransomware, since you most likely won’t be able to access your computer.

How To Remove Ransomware

Make use of your antivirus software’s ransomware removal tool, which should scan for and wipe out any ransomware attempts found on your computer.

How To Prevent Ransomware

  • Make sure all software on your computer is up to date, including your operating system, browser and any toolbar plug-ins you use.
  • Ensure that your antivirus software and firewall protection is up to date.

Protect Yourself Against Ransomware

There is no better way to recognize, remove and prevent ransomware than to use an antivirus & [eafl id=117 name=”Avast Software” text=”anti-ransomware tool”], and a suggested anti-virus & anti-ransomware tool is [eafl id=117 name=”Avast Software” text=”Avast Software”].


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