Behavior Management As Another Line Of Defense In IT Support


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With a lot of data security being at risk these days, there are many recommendations that come about to install some sort of Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware or Anti-Ransomware.

I believe that’s great advice, after all, that’s usually your first line of defense… Or is it? There is still a scary monster that is “lingering in the shadows” that can wreak havoc on any and all of your IT infrastructure.

Installing security software and having it up-to-date is a great thing! Even we recommend that to our clients / customers. However, there is another thing that can get past that without giving it a second thought ~ human behavior.

The Human Behavior Factor

Users on the network (or single computer, if that’s the case) can sometimes succeed in circumventing your security protocols (sometimes, believe it or not, it’s on accident [i.e. “disable this message in the future”]). Thus, leading to unknowingly compromising their device(s) along with everything on the network. With the advent of spoofing, it’s easy to mistake an email being from someone you know vs. someone you don’t.

In the end, while you can put the best security software on all of your computers (keep it up-to-date) and put the most secure firewalls up that money can buy, that still won’t mitigate the single lapse in judgement or accidental download of malware (or lately, ransomware) that it takes to compromise an entire IT infrastructure.

It’s important to keep the human behavior factor in-check as much as possible. Prevention is key! Granted, you won’t be able to mitigate everything, but it’s best to (at least occasionally) remind the users to be a little bit skeptical on programs or emails that look a little bit suspicious.

The unfortunate part is that you’ll probably never really know how much is saved or mitigated by the preventative measures taken by everyone, but one lapse is all it takes. At that point, it can become a nightmare that can cost quite a bit of time, money, and productivity.

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