March 17, 2018

Downtime Cost Estimator

How would your business
survive with no access to
PCs or laptops? If your
system went down, what
would the impact be on your

The cost of your downtime is not usually something that is fully taken into account until after you’ve experienced data loss or an outage.

With that said, it's important to consider business continuity planning when it comes to your business. Your business can't afford to be down and non-functional for an extended period.

Consequences like reduced profitability and total business failure should be considered when analyzing the business impact of an IT crisis. The best way to get a better insight on your decision making is to do the math.

Lost Revenue + Lost Productivity + Cost to recover + Cost of intangibles (i.e. reputation cost)
= Cost of Downtime (per hour)

We've put an estimator together for you below:

About Your Organization

Tell us a little bit about your organization.


This may vary across your team (you an estimate an average). If your business is a dental office, the actual dentists may not be affected if a server goes down, but the receptionist may only be able to work at 50 percent capacity – answering the phones, but being unable to use the computer to access shared calendars and book appointments.


Managed IT Service Plans

Managed service plans focus on the prevention of downtime and other issues BEFORE they happen.


Specialty Devices:


Retainer Plans

Retainer plans are generally for businesses that tend to need IT support for a certain amount of hours per month.

Total per Month$