Data Breach Risk and Vulnerability Scans

The Smile You Get From Knowing Technology Risks and Being Able To Better Plan For Them…

You’ve recognized the importance of data security, but you may not realize the urgency until you see something tangible.

And in a lot of cases, tangible reports will prove to be quite insightful.

Certain reports make the risks clear and concrete by assigning a dollar value to your data vulnerability.

On top of that, knowing the risks that come with your technology can help you better assess and plan for potential vulnerabilities.

Reports help you understand the financial impact of a data breach along with the importance of data protection and security.

Some of the powerful features of these reports include:

  • Data (breach) risk shown as financial impact
  • At-risk data discovery
  • Deep vulnerability scanning
  • Payment Data discovery
  • Discovery of potential inappropriate access
  • PCI DSS, PAN (Primary Account Number), and PII (Personally Identifiable Information) scans
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