What A Non-Technical Small Business Owner Did To Have More Time To Work On Things That Matter


Many business owners and operators know that many small businesses today often struggle to manage all aspects of day-to-day operations. They’re managing everything from accounting to people, even the relationships with those people.

With all of the day-to-day operations that have to be taken care of, small businesses are often looking to streamline their systems and processes.

Along with the streamlining of businesses, technology is definitely being used to facilitate making things more efficient. When you’re able to use technology to assist with your processes, you can do quite a bit with a small amount of resources.

However, for those that are non-technical and don’t know much about technology, managing computers and devices can quickly turn into a headache. It can quickly turn into another task that consumes a lot more time than it should.

For Non-Technical Business Owner-Operators

One thing for non-technical business owner-operators to consider is to use a company that will manage their computers and devices for them. These companies are often referred to as Managed Service Providers, or MSPs.

There are many benefits to using a Managed Service Provider. Among the benefits are that they can save your business time, which saves productivity, which ultimately saves money.

If your business is plagued with constant computer or printer issues or annoyances, they could be affecting many aspects of your business that you don’t even notice. It could be breaking your train of thought between idea executions or causing your customers small inconveniences.

Ultimately, these issues can be extremely costly. Especially if the issues cause downtime for your entire business (i.e. server outage, network outage, etc.).

Take Lezza Spumoni & Desserts, Inc. of Elmhurst, Illinois for example, they have enlisted the services of Media Moon, LLC. to take care of their computers and devices. Edward S. Lezza, President of Lezza Spumoni & Desserts, Inc. said “Since coming on board as our IT support, Media Moon has improved our total operation.”

After Lezza, Inc. had Media Moon take over their computer and technical maintenance, their total operations have improved and they’re now able to spend more time on the tasks that matter.

Managed Service Providers can improve the operations of your entire business by also being proactive with maintenance and upgrades. Also, with how widespread viruses and hackers are nowadays, Computer Security is another factor to take into account.

If you’re a non-technical owner-operator, it’s best to have someone who knows what they’re doing to take over for you.

For more information, go to media-moon.com.

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