Tech Tip: How To See What Activity Google Has Been Tracking On You


As a business owner (or private citizen) you’re probably always looking at ways to get better at what you do or what your business does. If you track your time or other activities online, you start to notice trends or patterns – which can help you understand yourself better.

The data you find about yourself can be interesting. Keeping tabs on yourself can sometimes cause you to second guess what you do with your time or other resources.

You may want to track your time to make yourself more efficient or effective. This tracking data could also be used to track what you’re doing online or other things.

With all of that said, would it be different if someone else was tracking all of your activity online, on your Android phone, the apps you use, how often you use them, what your searches were, the voice searches you made through your Google home device, etc.?

Would it maybe even be a wee bit scary?

Well, Google tracks quite a bit about you while you’re online, on your Android phone, among other things.

The good news is that you can see what your activity is in a report. Simply go to:

This link will give you some insights into what data Google has on you and what you’ve been doing. The report may even be helpful for you to use.


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