Tech Tip: How to Get Your Data Out of Google


To follow-up on one of our previous posts regarding the data that Google has from your online and mobile activity… The next thing you may want to do if you know that Google has a lot of info on you is to actually download that data.

This post is a quick tech tip on how to actually get that data and info out of Google and download it for yourself.

The data you find about yourself can be interesting. Keeping tabs on yourself can sometimes cause you to second guess what you do with your time or other resources.

On top of that, having this data in your possession may help you track your time and online activities a wee bit better. This could ultimately make you more efficient or effective. This tracking data could also be used to track what you’re doing online or other things.

So, without further ado, to get a copy of your data out of Google, simply go to the following link and follow the instructions to download what you want:

HINT: Sometimes there can be a TON of info and data from this process (this means HUGE files).


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